Lynn Engineering's products and services extend from beverage and chiller services, to electrical and mechanical engineering and maintenance, to security and electronic surveillance and tracking. Lynn can tackle any kind of engineering job, of any size and scope. We have completed jobs that required several crews working nationwide simultaneously, and also jobs that require 2 or 3 workers for merely days or weeks. We have completed jobs for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies, and also for smaller private firms. If you have an engineering job that needs to be done right and on time, contact Lynn Engineering.

Lynn has vast experience with installation and maintenance of foodservice equipment. We have installed beverage machines, chillers and cooking equipment in every corner of the United States and have managed multiple crews working across the nation. We have installed and maintained electrical equipment as well as ovens and toasters of all descriptions. Our work ranges from small restaurants and diners with 2 or 3 locations to chain-wide corporate projects that blanket the country. Lynn has achieved a reputation for not only quick, quality work, but also for impeccable project and crew management. Our high-tech solutions to large-scale problems allow us and our skilled workforce to plan, implement and complete the largest and most complex of projects in record time.

Electrical engineering and maintenance is one of our specialties. Our certified electricians can handle anything from quick emergency jobs to large multi-person projects. Our staff is highly trained, with the ability to pay attention to detail and the ability to follow instructions precisely. Because poor implementation can lead to safety risks, these skills are highly valued in our employees. Our safety incentive program is second to none, and has lead to an accident-free rate that is unprecedented in our industry. Our mechanical engineering and maintenance program has a similar safety and quality record. For jobs, large or small, we work with speed, professionalism, and at low cost.

Lynn also specializes in the latest high-tech security and surveillance implementations used to watch and secure your buildings and employees. You can also track the movements of delivery vehicles, guests, visitors and contractors. One of Lynn's many monitoring applications gives you the power to track employee time and location on the fly, with minimum chance for error. Employee and guest monitoring equipment can be used in emergencies. Knowing where all of your employees are at any given time reduces the danger and reaction time in case of the unforseeable.

Lynn Engineering is ready for any task, large or small. We can build plan, implement and complete large-scale jobs from the ground up, and we can maintain and evaluate current equipment. Lynn is uniquely suited to audit and update current equipment for plants, refineries, factories, and restaurants. Lynn's uniquely high-tech approach makes us flexible and fast, and allows us to respond to situations quickly and accurately. Lynn's high-tech approach also leads directly into our security and monitoring services. We use the latest technology to make sure your facility is secure and safe; we also give you the capacity to monitor and track anybody that sets foot or wheel into your facility.